Rik Wolf Import
Handel & Transport

If you have a problem with your car this is the place to be.

We have a variety of special tools to maintain your American made car, truck or van.

For diagnostic of modern cars we use a Snap-on Solus pro or a Fluke 123.

But of course some oldschool wrenching isnt a problem either...we can dial-in carburators, set the timing, dual fuel conversion and of course a lot more....

Shoprates for cars are €45,- ex 21% VAT per hour.

Troubleshooting on location is also possible...ask for the rates.

We also do repairs to youre truck.

Not only normal service, but also big repairs for a decent price.

If you got stranded down the road we recover your truck and deliver your freight on time with our own trucks.

Shoprates for trucks are €55,- ex 21% VAT per hour.